Google sets Deadline for HTTPS

Google sets Deadline for HTTPS

Google has announced that by July 2018, their Chrome browser would inform users when browsing a website running on HTTP that it is not secure. For the past several years Google has been trying to move to a more secure web by advocating that every website run on the HTTPS protocol. They have also started ranking websites running on HTTPS higher than those only running on HTTP.

An example would be Google ranking a website with URL “” much higher than “”.

Following the announcement in February of this year, we have strived towards finding better solutions to help our customers overcome this switch.

So why should I care?

As of April 2018, Google’s Chrome browser is used by over 58% of internet users. It will definitely affect you if people browsing your website see a warning message indicating that your website is not secure. This warning will still be shown, even though your website might not use sensitive user data.

Web Browser Market Share

Web Browser Market Share


What are the benefits of running my website on HTTPS?

  • Increased search rankings
  • Trust in your brand improves
  • Encrypts data and communication thereby increasing security

How do I get my website to run on HTTPS?

You would normally have to purchase an SSL certificate and ask your hosting provider to install it for you on your hosting space. The cost of SSL certificates can range from R199 to R2999 per annum depending on the certificate you purchase. This process can be confusing and time-consuming.

Free SSL’s for all customers on hosting and site builder packages!

After considering the above reasons, we decided to offer a FREE Domain validated SSL certificate with our Web Hosting or Site Builder packages.
This means you need not worry about an extra cost of purchasing an SSL Certificate or the complication of getting it set up. The FREE SSL Certificate is available on all our Hosting and Site Builder packages.

On our hosting packages, you enable the SSL with one-click of a button! Our Site Builder uses cPanel’s AutoSSL Feature to enable this for you by default.

To see more information regarding Free SSL on our hosting packages, click here.

If you would like to read more about our Site Builder, view this page.


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