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How do I activate the my SSL Certificate?

How do I activate my Free SSL Certificate?

  1. Sign up for any windows hosting package using our easy and quick checkout.
  2. To activate the SSL Certificate on your website all you need to do is log into your hosting control panel.
  3. Click on Websites.
  4. Select the website domain name you would like to active the SSL on.
  5. Click on the SSL tab.
  6. Click on "Install Certificate" button under the Heading "Install (free) Lets Encrypt Certificate"
  7. Once completed you can now run your website on https.
  8. YES it's that easy!
Please note: Depending on how your website is built, this may require you to tweak your website and update any hardcoded URLs running on http.
Enabling the SSL certificate does not force your website to run in https. You will need to tweak your website config accordingly.