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What is Domain Redemption?

Domain Redemption was introduced by our regulating authority (ZACR).

So what is domain redemption?

It is extremely important to renew your domain before it reaches the expiry date.  Closed Redemption is a state that a domain enters once it has expired and gone through the Deletion Phase.

The process is outlined below:

1. The domain will expire once it reaches the expiry date set on the domain.
2. The domain will then go through the Pending Suspension and Pending Deletion Phases.
3. After the Pending Deletion phase is over, the domain enters the Closed Redemption Phase.
4. In the Closed Redemption Phase a domain can be reinstated at the cost of the Closed Redemption Fee ( R350).
5. During the Closed Redemption Phase the domain can be registered by any RAR willing to pay the Closed Redemption Fee.
6. Closed Redemption periods for domains can vary and depends on the Registry.  For .ZA Domains the Redemption Period is 30 days, for TLDs like .COM it can range from 45 - 90 days.

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